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The Nitrate Clippers
Thursday, 02 September 2010 10:04

By Basil Lubbock

From Baird Maritime:

The nitrate trade from Chile to northern Europe and elsewhere commenced in the 1890s and survived until the 1930s in a much-reduced form.

It was a foul and dangerous trade that the author describes well here. Of course, with nitrates, the major danger was fire but groundings and presumed capsizes also took their toll. A number of ships simply disappeared without trace.

The ships were mostly around 2,500 to 3,000 tons, three or four masted with steel hulls. Most, as usual at the time, were under crewed.

Filled with facts, log extracts, anecdotes and excellent photographs this book is typical of the Lubbock breed. It is a valuable history.

The publisher is selling a set of fifteen sailing ship books by Basil Lubbock at a very good price.

Ordering Information:

Brown, Son & Ferguson
Glasgow, UK

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