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Lessons from the 'Galaxy': Survival and Courage on the Bering Sea
Friday, 14 May 2010 15:41


Captain Dave Shoemaker

From Baird Maritime:

Your reviewer has always felt that anyone who fishes in the Bering Sea for a living has to be mad or desperate – probably both.

Anyway the ‘Galaxy’ was a large (58-metre) freezer longliner that operated from Seattle into the Bering Sea off Alaska.

In October 2002 in 30-knot winds and six-metre seas, the vessel caught fire and was ultimately destroyed.

Captain Shoemaker was a widely experienced, careful and well-prepared master. However, despite his skills and precautions, he still lost three of his crew of 26.

They were a long way from anywhere and much of their safety and survival gear was consumed by the fire. This epic tale describes how Shoemaker and most of his crew survived despite overwhelming odds. Safety training was a vital factor.

A dramatic way to improve safety consciousness. A very valuable case study.

Ordering Information:

John Sabella & Associates
Port Townsend, USA

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