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Honorable Survivor: Mao’s China, McCarthy’s America and the Persecution of John S. Service
Wednesday, 17 February 2010 10:00


Author: Lynne Joiner
Publisher: Naval Institute Press

From Baird Maritime:

The American people and the American political system have many admirable qualities. Unfortunately, however, they have a tendency to occasionally veer away on Kafkaesque tangents. These tend to be influenced by some of the appalling intelligence and intellectual blunders of the State Department.

This has been seen with the utmost clarity recently during the reign of George Bush II and his strange Republican cohorts such as Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz et al. The McCarthy era of the early 1950s was another tragic witch hunting departure from the civilised norm.

This first rate book describes the excesses of the McCarthy era and most particularly with respect to the damage it caused to one innocent, valuable and quite heroic man. It is a pity it was not published a decade earlier. Knowledge of it may have prevented some of the excesses of the George W. Bush regime that so damaged America’s global reputation.

This is a chilling, frightening, but very readable and important book. It should be much more widely read than it probably will be.

Ordering information:

Naval Institute Press
Annapolis, USA

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