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‘Aitana B’ delivered by Neptune Shipyards
Tuesday, 30 August 2016 16:21

Zumaia Offshore has taken delivery of a workboat, the ‘Aitana B’, from Neptune Shipyards in the Netherlands.

The Cummins-powered multipurpose vessel measures 27 by 12 metres with a three-metre draught and is one of the largest models of Neptune’s Eurocarrier series of workboats. The vessel is specifically designed for dredging assistance, port construction and maintenance, dive and ROV support, geotechnical surveying and general offshore support in shallow waters.

An accommodation and wheelhouse block set on the port side provides six staterooms, mess and galley for up to 12 people. Tankage includes 124 cubic metres of fuel and 76 cubic metres of fresh water.

The ‘Aitana’ features a forward deck crane lifts up to 11 tonnes at 18.5-metre extension, also mounting a 10-tonne SWL winch for swift deployment of survey equipment. The aft mounted deck crane lifts ten tonnes with a 12.17-metre extension.

In addition to the vessel’s 15-tonne tugger winch located starboard aft, the ‘Aitana’ is fitted with an anchor-handling winch with a 125-tonne braking hold force.

A pair of Cummins QSK38-M diesels powers the ‘Aitana’ producing 1,030kW each at 1,800rpm.

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