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‘Protector’ arrives at the Port of Long Beach
Thursday, 25 August 2016 15:01

The first of two fireboats being built for the Port of Long Beach, USA, has entered into service.

The Robert Allan Ltd-designed ‘Protector’ is expected to be joined by a sistership, the ‘Vigilance’, in the middle of 2017.

As well as fighting fires, these vessels also serve as incident command centres or as primary response vessels for local emergency actions requiring water-based control.

The new fireboats feature Voith cycloidal drives in a tractor configuration, providing manoeuvrability and the ability to fight fires in any orientation.

During the design phase, Robert Allan Ltd’s team focused on the hull form to ensure the vessel met two requested criteria – minimum wake when travelling both ahead and astern at 8 knots and good heavy weather seakeeping ability.

The total aggregate pumping capacity of each vessel is 150,000 litres per minute, with the single largest monitor capable of delivering 45,000 litres per minute a distance of almost 180 metres.

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