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Nevsky Shipyard launches tug ‘Bakhtemir’
Tuesday, 23 August 2016 17:01

Nevsky Shipyard has launched a multi-functional, shallow-draught tug for the Russian Federal Treasury Institution.

The 80-metre ‘Bakhtemir’ will be used for patrolling, search and rescue, aiding distressed vessels, and underwater technical works. It will also carry out tug, fire-fighting, oil-spill response, and bulk-cargo carrying operations among other things.

To carry out these activities the vessel is fitted with foam, powder, and fire fighting systems as well as a system of water curtains, bilge-rescue equipment, sewage storage, and drilling equipment.

The shallow-draught ice-class tug has a deadweight of 1,820 tonnes with a draught of 4.50 metres. The ‘Bakhtemir’ can operate autonomously for 30 days.

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