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New fish-harvesting vessel for DESS
Tuesday, 23 August 2016 16:50

DESS Aquaculture Shipping has placed an order for a fish-harvesting vessel from a Norwegian shipbuilder.

The FHV will be used to carry salmon from fish farms to processing plants.

The vessel is a SALT 425 FHV design from Salt Ship Design and will be delivered in March 2018.

The new vessel is 59.2 metres long and has a beam of 13.6 metres. She is designed to harvest and transport more than 400 tonnes of fish, and is equipped with a stun and bleed plant with a capacity of 100 tonnes per hour.

DESS Aquaculture is a joint venture company established by Marine Harvest Norway and Deep Sea Supply. The pair entered into the JV to build, own and operate a range of fish farming vessels. This shipbuilding contract is reported to be one of the first investments resulting from the pairing.

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