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‘Tam Dao 05’ jack-up rig handed over
Tuesday, 16 August 2016 16:50

A Russian-Vietnamese joint venture between Vietsovpetro and PetroVietnam Marine Shipyard (PV Shipyard) has concluded with the handover of the ‘Tam Dao 05’ jack up rig following 32 months of construction.

The ‘Tam Dao 05’ has a total tonnage of 18,000, is capable of operating at a depth of 120 metres below water, and will be able to drill at a depth of 9,000 metres.

This is the second jack-up rig domestically manufactured by subsidiaries of PetroVietnam for Vietsovpetro. The first was ‘Tam Dao 03’ which was put into operation in 2012.