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‘Seaspan Swift’ undergoes sea trials
Tuesday, 16 August 2016 16:42

A duel-fuel hybrid ferry being built by Sedef Shipbuilding is currently undergoing seatrials in Turkey.

The 148.9-metre ferry, the ‘Seaspan Swift’, and its sister vessel are both expected to be in operation for Seaspan Ferries by late 2016. Construction started in early 2015.

The Vard-designed single-deck Ro-Ro trailer ferries will accommodate up to 59 trailers. The design combines dual-fuelled propulsion, an efficient hull form, and a battery back-up system that provides 2,200kW for ten minutes to minimise operational costs and environmental impact.

The hybrid propulsion system permits redundancy while operating at economical speed on a single engine.

“The technical side of the project is a matter of pride due to the dual fuel-LNG hybrid particulars of the vessels, which we feel demonstrate our shipyard’s commitment to building sophisticated and environmentally friendly vessels,” said Orkun Kalkavan, board member of Sedef Shipyard.

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