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‘Vision of The Fjords’ delivered
Thursday, 11 August 2016 17:09

A new sightseeing vessel, ‘Vision of The Fjords’, has been delivered to Norwegian operator The Fjords.

The new hybrid-electric carbon fibre catamaran is designed to carry 400 passengers and will operate in Nærøyfjord on the west coast of Norway.

The 40-metre vessel features Brodrene’s “Seasight” design, created for an improved sightseeing experience.

‘Vision of The Fjords’ is equipped with an electric hybrid propulsion system. It has two MAN Diesel engines and two Oswald PM 150kW electrical motors.

During sightseeing the vessel will be powered by batteries only, while in transit it can use diesel engines to increase the range. The batteries can be charged ether by on-shore power or by the engines on board.

The vessel is built from carbon fibre composite materials. The low weight helps to reduce energy consumption and lower the power and battery capacities needed.

The catamaran’s design also reduces waves and wash on the vulnerable shores of the narrow fjords.

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