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OOS orders crane vessel pair
Tuesday, 09 August 2016 16:53

OOS International Group has signed a fixed contract for the engineering and construction of two new build semi-submersible crane vessels (SSCV) with China Merchant Industry Holdings

OOS will equip its two new SSCV’s, named ‘Serooskerke’ and ‘Walcheren’ with two heavy lift cranes, with a total dual lifting capacity of 4,400 tonnes per vessel. The pair’s sister vessel, named ‘Gretha’, is presently working for Petrobras in Brazil.

A total of 600 tonnes can be heave compensated installed or removed at 3,000 metres water depth.

The two SSCVs also have both hotel services for 750 people and heavy lift capabilities which can operate simultaneously. The heavy lifting and service cranes can be used for the commissioning or decommissioning of subsea structures, foundations, moorings, floating and heavy lift platforms for offshore wind structures in deep water. The SSCVs will be equipped with an enhanced DP3 system.

In between projects they will have a transit speed up to 12 knots. The SSCVs will also be equipped with STX-MAN Diesel engines and Thrustmaster thrusters fitted with a condition monitoring system.

The engineering and construction phase is estimated to be completed in the second quarter 2019 for the ‘Serooskerke’ and the third quarter for the ‘Walcheren’.

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