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Response vessel designs released
Tuesday, 09 August 2016 16:48

Ukrainian company Marine Engineering Bureau has announced the specifications for an emergency response vessel being built in Russia.

As the designers can’t know what type of emergency the boat will respond to, the 31.73 by 9.7-metre tug has been fitted to meet a range of capabilities. The vessel’s beams and 4.1-metre moulded depth will give it the stability for handling heavy ships.

The azimuthing stern drive tug will be ready to handle a range of services including towing various objects to auxiliary operations in the harbour area, oil spill response, auxiliary transport for equipment, installation of booms, assistance in fire fighting, and loading and off loading of cargo via deck crane.

Power for this wide range of applications is to be supplied by a pair of Cummins K38-M main engines each delivering 634kW to Z-drives. Auxiliary power will be provided by two Cummins NTA855-CP200DM5 generators sets each delivering 200kW. The tug has two forward mounted fire monitors.

A towing winch with a 20-tonne braking power is mounted on the aft deck, as is a cargo crane. The crane can also serve to launch the rescue craft mounted atop the deckhouse.

The tug is scheduled for delivery in 2016.

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