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New passenger vessel for Savadori Navigazione in southern Italy
Thursday, 28 July 2016 16:03

The 24-metre passenger vessel ‘Summer Breeze’ has been delivered by Foschi shipyard, based in Cesenatico on the Italian Riviera Romagnola, to Savadori Navigazione.

The boat provides a transportation service between the ports of Vibo Marina e Tropea in Calabria in the South of Italy, with Eolian islands Stromboli-Lipari-Vulcano. The boat stops approximately two hours at each island.

A further trip is the “Stromboli by Night”, starting in the afternoon, reaching the Stromboli volcano in order to see it erupting in the night.

‘Summer Breeze’ operates together with the 29-metre boat ‘Magic Panarea’, also built by Foschi Shipyard.

‘Summer Breeze’ can accommodate 180 passengers and four crew members. The vessel has a cruising speed of 20 knots and is powered by a pair of MAN D 2842 LE 413.

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