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Maersk Line reroutes Asia - US East Coast service
Tuesday, 26 July 2016 16:54

Maersk Line is changing its TP12 service to navigate the expanded Panama Canal to provide faster transit times between Far East Asia and the US East Coast.

From the Far East to the US East Coast, the  service will transit the new Panama Canal locks and call at the ports of Newark, Norfolk and Baltimore on the US East Coast.

On the return leg to Asia, the service will go through the Suez Canal and call at the ports of Salalah (Oman), Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Singapore.

“We are changing our TP12 service to provide a better product to shippers in Korea, Northern and Eastern China. By transiting the expanded Panama Canal, we will significantly reduce transit times into key ports on the US East Coast. At the same time, we will reduce our CO2 and exhaust gas emissions due to the shorter distance,” said Klaus Rud Sejling, head of east-west network, Maersk Line.

There will be no changes to the capacity in Maersk Line’s Asia – US East Coast network. Maersk Line will deploy 11 vessels of 8,500TEU in the new TP12 service.

The changes will take place during September 2016.

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