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Hybrid ferry ‘Texelstroom’ delivered to TESO
Thursday, 30 June 2016 17:11

A hybrid Ro-Pax ferry, the ‘Texelstroom’, has been delivered to Royal TESO in the Netherlands.

‘Texelstroom’ will transport up to 1,750 passengers and 350 vehicles between the Port of Den Helder and the island of Texel.

The 135-metre long ferry will generally make the 20-minute crossing once an hour between 6am and 10pm. In normal weather conditions, Texelstroom will use only one dual fuel generating set during the majority of the crossing during which time the engine powers the battery packs on board.

In addition to the two storage tanks for the compressed natural gas, a 700-square-metre solar photovoltaic panel field is also installed on the roof of the ferry to be used at peak times for the propulsion or electricity consumption on board the ferry.

The ferry is powered by medium speed dual fuel engines made by the Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC). The company supplied four main engines, including two compressed natural gas (CNG) and diesel dual fuel generator sets that provide 2MW each at 1,000rpm and two diesel generator sets that each develop 2MW at 750rpm.

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