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Conrad Shipyard forms LNG business unit
Tuesday, 28 June 2016 17:55

Conrad Shipyard has formed a new business unit focused on LNG projects.

“We believe the continued development of the LNG fuel market to be of critical importance,” Conrad Shipyard president and CEO, Johnny Conrad, said.

“Not only will it provide positive change with respect to environmental emissions, but will ultimately provide significant long term positive economic results for owners and operators. We want Conrad to be an active participant and a leader in the development of this market.”

The company is the builder of the first LNG bunker barge in North America, Conrad said. The anticipated delivery of the barge is in early 2017.

Conrad Shipyard is also investigating developing designs for additional transport barges, dual-fuel powered towboats, and other research and development projects.

“We see the LNG marine fuel market as the next logical progression in this [company] history,” the new businesss unit leader, Brett Wolbrink said.

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