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97 percent of NZ trade is transported by ship, and going up
Thursday, 23 June 2016 17:14

At least 97 per cent of New Zealand trade is now transported by sea, Maritime New Zealand has said.

“The maritime industry is indispensable to New Zealand,” Director of Maritime New Zealand, Keith Manch said.

“We are an island nation that is distant from the rest of the world and almost wholly dependent on efficient, competitive shipping to carry our trade. Without it, our country simply could not function.”

Maritime NZ estimates that 80 per cent of the world’s trade is by ship – more than 12 billion tonnes of goods, shipped by 1.5 million seafarers on 50,000 merchant ships.

“Shipping does not happen without qualified, competent seafarers and New Zealand seafarers are internationally respected and sought after. The qualifications they earn here are internationally transferrable and well-regarded by employers,” Manch said.

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