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21-metre passenger vessel ‘Antares’ delivered
Tuesday, 21 June 2016 16:52

A 21-metre passenger vessel, ‘Antares’, has been delivered to the Amalfi sightseeing tour operator TravelMar. The fibreglass boat was built by Nautica Store, based in Salerno, Italy.

The vessel is 5.30 metres wide with a draught of 1.08 metres and can accommodate 179 passengers and 3 crew.

It can reach a maximum sustainable full-load speed of 20 knots powered by a pair of 450kW Volvo diesel engines.

The ‘Antares’ is composed of two decks with the wheelhouse located forward on a mezzanine.

Passengers can reach the sundeck passing through one big stairway at the stern. The services are back, outside of the main lounge and are located at the two sides.

Four embarkation areas, all equipped with wide gangplanks, are mounted astern, on the bow and on both broadsides.          

Stefano Fermi