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Columbian fisherman rescued after two months at sea
Tuesday, 10 May 2016 16:58

A 29-year-old Columbian has been rescued after a two-month ordeal at sea after his skiff suffered engine failure in the Pacific.

The man was collected by a bulk carrier, the ‘Nikkei Verde’, around 2,150 miles southeast of Hilo, Hawaii, as the vessel travelled to China. The man was reported to have arrived in good condition to the US Coast Guard, having survived on a diet of seagulls and fish.

The ‘Nikkei Verde’ transferred the man to a coast guard response boat following near Honolulu.

According to the survivor he and three companions set out from Columbia more than two months earlier. Once the skiff’s engine became disabled they were adrift.

The three other men reportedly perished at sea. Their bodies were not aboard the skiff when located by ‘Nikkei Verde’s’ crew but the survivor surrendered their passports to officials.

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