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US$5 million for marine highway services
Thursday, 05 May 2016 16:25

The United States Maritime Administration (MARAD) has made US$5 million in federal funding available to expand the country’s marine highway service.

MARAD’s money will be used to create new or expand existing services along designated marine highway routes.

Marine highways provide new modal choices to shippers of cargo, reduce transportation costs, and provide public benefits including reduced air emissions, reduced road maintenance costs, and improved safety and resiliency.

“The purpose of the appropriation is to make grants for projects related to documented vessels and port and landside infrastructure,” the application note states. “Eligible applicants must be sponsors of Marine Highway Projects formally designated by the Secretary of Transportation.”

“MARAD invites applications for projects that have the added benefit of mitigating the negative impact of freight movement on communities. Projects should also provide additional public benefit by addressing access to training and job opportunities, where applicable and appropriate.”

Applications must be submitted electronically by May 27, 2016.

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