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Big ships mean bigger dollars for port sale
Tuesday, 19 April 2016 15:33

The new leaseholder at the Australian Port of Melbourne, International Container Terminal Services (ICTSI), has submitted plans to the port authority to expand the site’s capacity.

ICTSI has said the Port of Melbourne Corporation’s responsibility to maximise the port’s sale price relies on the port’s ability to meet future demand and berth large vessels.

“If no action is taken the Port of Melbourne will be at capacity in ten years. We need to plan now for future growth,” said Gerry Bullon, spokesperson for ICTSI.

ICTSI has put forward a solution to the Port of Melbourne Corporation that would allow two large ships to berth simultaneously through the use of a small decommissioned space at the nearby Webb Dock. The company said this would increase overall port capacity by up to 25 per cent.

ICTSI has invested AU$550 million to prepare the Port of Melbourne for future demand. By extending the berth by 30 metres the company hopes to almost double container capacity.

 “The State Government has spent around AU$1 billion (US$0.78 billion) on dredging to allow bigger ships to enter the Port of Melbourne. We now need to realise the economic benefits of that dredging and expand berth facilities at Webb Dock to enable big ships to come to Melbourne.

“We know global shipping companies are demanding that the Port of Melbourne handle big ships like other Australian ports. The Port of Melbourne Corporation is not considering their needs even though Melbourne is Australia’s most significant trade gateway.


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