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Solomon dispute escalates
Thursday, 14 April 2016 17:36

A ban on shipping services and the sacking of Solomon Islands Ports Authority chief executive Colin Yow is being sought by the Workers’ Union (WUSI) of the Solomon Islands in a protest over the sacking of port workers.

An offshoot of the Solomon National Union of Workers – which was deregistered in 2013 after the Solomon Islands High Court ruled it had taken illegal strike action in a separate dispute – WUSI is calling for International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) support.

The ITF’s London headquarters has confirmed it is consulting with port workers in the country and offering, “our support, initially by putting direct pressure for change on the Solomon Islands Government”.

In the meantime, the High Court has ruled that the port workers are to be reinstated while the country’s Trade Disputes Panel arbitrates on the matter.

The dispute between WUSI and the ports authority, which is reportedly attempting to implement a reform programme on the waterfront, appears to have been simmering for some time.

Iain MacIntyre

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