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Stricken ‘Sparna’ showing significant damage
Thursday, 24 March 2016 16:09

Credit: DVIDS

A initial damage assessment of the bulk carrier ‘Sparna’ following its grounding on March 21 has showed significant damage to the ship including multiple fractures under the waterline.

‘Sparna’ had been transiting the Columbia River in Washington State, USA when it ran aground.

The damage assessment showed a series of fractures to the ship under the waterline, the largest being an 8.0-metre by 1.5-metre wide fracture with a visible boulder lodged inside.

The US Coast Guard (USCG) said damage to the ‘Sparna’ was contained to two flooded compartments.

The ‘Sparna’ is fully loaded with grain in its cargo holds the USCG said, and is carrying just over 800,000 litres of high sulphur fuel and 150,000 litres of marine diesel.

The USCG, alongside state pollution responders and a contracted oil spill response organisation, is continually monitoring the vessel but according to the latest reports, there has still been no signs of oil or fuel spilled during the incident.

Two tug – the ‘PJ Brix’ and ‘Pacific Escort’ remain on scene with the ‘Sparna’ to help maintain its position.

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