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LNG fish food carrier under build
Thursday, 10 March 2016 15:55

An LNG-powered fish food carrier is currently being built at Tersan Shipyard in Turkey for the Biomar Group.

The NSK designed carrier will be the larger sister ship of the world’s first LNG powered cargo ship, ‘Høydal’, which was delivered by Tersan Shipyard in 2012.

The new cargo carrier is expected to be delivered from the yard in 2017.

The 81.5-metre-long vessel will be able to carry 2,700 tonnes of fish food to fish farms along the Norwegian coast. Currently Biomar supply around 60 countries predominantly located in South and Central America, or Europe.

By using LNG as a fuel source the vessel is expected to produce 22 per cent less CO2 and 90 per cent less nitrogen oxide.

Rolls Royce will provide the LNG propulsion system. An eight cylinder Bergen C26:33, LNG engine will be installed providing 2,160kW, as well as a hybrid shaft generator (HSG) system that allows the the main engine to generate electricity for the ship. The HSG can also act as a propulsion motor (PTI) providing an alternative power source should LNG become unavailable.