Industry experts call for sustainable ship recycling
Thursday, 25 February 2016 16:32

Industry members have called for a change in the way ships are recycled. Maersk has initiated assisting improvements to ship recycling yards in Alang, India, as Dr Anil Sharma, CEO of GMS, called on owners and brokers to support sustainable recycling practices.

Around three quarters of the total gross tonnage scrapped from ships in 2015 were sold to facilities on beaches in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. These locations have come under scrutiny for the challenges they create for workers and the environment.

Maersk has opted to help changes within these facilities to offer better working conditions and to ensure they meet IMO standards and the Hong Kong convention.

The company said in a statement that until now responsible recycling had only been possible in Turkey, but now feasibility in India has increased.

In recent months the first yards in India have been certified as compliant with the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships (HKC).

Sharma called on the industry to use those yards to support both the progress being made in those businesses and the thousands of families dependent upon them in regions where there are few other opportunities for employment.