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Silent And Unseen: On Patrol in Three Cold War Attack Submarines
Tuesday, 09 February 2016 14:56


Author: Alfred Scott McLaren
Publisher: The Naval Institute Press

From Baird Maritime

America’s nuclear submarines could be said to have become boringly reliable and relentlessly capable and powerful. That may well be so now but, if you have talked with some of the captains of the earlier versions of those “boats” or read this book, you will soon learn that was not always so.

The author graduated from diesel subs and then served on and commanded a number of nuclear boats from 1958 to 1965. Among his many adventures was the first underwater – and largely under ice – transit of the Northwest Passage aboard ‘USS Seadragon’.

They were pioneering days and a spirit of adventure prevailed. McLaren and his colleagues were explorers at heart and the new technology enabled them to go, as they say, where “no man had gone before”.

In an unpretentious, almost laconic, way he weaves a vivid and fascinating tale of those early days when the nuclear learning curve was so steep. A delightful, informative and educational tale.

Ordering information:

The Naval Institute Press
Annapolis, USA.


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