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21st Century Seamanship
Tuesday, 02 February 2016 14:50


Edited by Iain MacNeil
Publisher: Witherby Publishing Group

From Baird Maritime

As MacNeil says in his introduction, this massive book was ten years and probably more in the making. It shows. It is, in effect, a distillation of all the seamanship books published by Witherby’s over the years then brought up-to-date and modernised.

Very importantly, its extensive and very good illustrations are right up-to-date and indicative of how things and, importantly, ships and boats are today. Comprising 1,300 well laid out pages the book stands out as the latest and greatest of its kind. That is said advisedly because, as is well known, there are many very good books about on seamanship.

Of course, the Witherby company has been in existence for 275 years, probably close to a world record, and has recorded and educated maritime activity and mariners for all that time. It has access to a mighty archive. But, as this book acknowledges, things maritime have changed constantly over all those years but never faster than during the past couple of decades.

For a cadet starting out or an ancient mariner, this book will be equally attractive. It is both a reference and a text. It will be learnt from and referred to for many years, probably throughout many careers at sea and beyond.

This is a massive labour of love that has been brilliantly accomplished. It deserves to be a best seller. It probably will be, at least in the context of the global maritime industry. Witherby deserves congratulations and thanks for this vital contribution to good seamanship.

Ordering information:

Witherby Publishing Group
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


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