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The Island Shipyard: Shipbuilding at Cockatoo Island 1870 to 1987
Thursday, 29 October 2015 14:22
Author: John Jeremy
Publisher: Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

From Baird Maritime

Not only is John Jeremy a naval architect and shipbuilder of vast experience, he was the chief executive of Sydney’s Cockatoo Island Dockyard for the final decade of its existence. Icing that cake is the fact that he is also an author and historian of some note and considerable enthusiasm.

This background enhances this big, detailed and important book. It is a comprehensive history of Australia’s most important naval shipyard. Extensively and well illustrated, it is clear that in his time at Cockatoo Island, Jeremy’s historical bent ensured that no important pictures, plans or drawings were permitted to be thrown out. That is to the great benefit of all who are interested in ships and the sea.

While focused on naval shipbuilding and repair, Cockatoo Island also boasts a notable list of civilian vessels including tugs, dredgers, barges, customs launches, lighthouse tenders, bulkers and, even, a floating crane.

It was naval vessels, though, for which the shipyard is best known. The full range stretched from tiny torpedo boat/destroyers to Australia’s first but little known aircraft carrier. It included sloops, frigates, cruisers, destroyers, patrol vessels, oilers, and corvettes. A wide variety and considerable number of vessels.

Jeremy describes them, the shipyard and, importantly, the politics behind them, very well. This is maritime history at its best and most enjoyable.

Ordering information:

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust
Sydney, Australia

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