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The U.S. Naval Institute On Naval Command
Thursday, 15 October 2015 15:01
Edited by Thomas J.Cutler
Publisher: The Naval Institute Press

From Baird Maritime

Another of the excellent series of Naval Institute Press collections of well edited essays on particular aspects of a naval officer’s career.

With previously published essays from such notable authors as Ernest J King and James Stavridis as well as lesser known and lower ranking officers with much to contribute, the quality of the content of this book is very high.

Editor Cutler served the U.S. Navy for almost fifty years so has a great feel for his subject. This has facilitated his light but illuminating touch that can be seen in both his choice of essays and his treatment of them that only enhances their content.

The Naval Institute Press plays a vital role in educating America’s naval officers. Their counterparts in other navies are fortunate to be able to easily access so much of the Institute’s valuable output. So, too,are the world’s naval historians.

Ordering information:

The Naval Institute Press
Annapolis, USA


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