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The Baltimore Sabotage Cell: German Agents, American Traitors, and the U-Boat Deutschland During World War I
Tuesday, 19 January 2016 14:50


Author: Dwight R. Messimer
Publisher: The Naval Institute Press

From Baird Maritime

In these days of increasingly “multi-cultural” populations in many countries, particularly richer ones, senior politicians and bureaucrats would be well advised to read and carefully digest this book. It is what might be termed a “cautionary” tale.

In any case, it is a fascinating tale and, thinking about it, you could easily see similar things happening in current circumstances where multiple passports are sometimes carried and loyalties divided.

This story concerns German/Americans in the period of the First World War before the United States joined the fray. It clearly shows what did go wrong then and what could just as easily happen now. If nothing else, governments and their intelligence services must be eternally vigilant and carefully aware of the activities of those whose loyalties may be divided.

It’s exciting stuff based on blockade running, espionage and sabotage. Even General Colin Powell’s old prop of anthrax was involved!

Ordering information:

The Naval Institute Press
Annapolis, USA


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