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Sail & Steam: Trading Vessels To Georges Bay, 1833 To 1958
Thursday, 01 October 2015 18:13


Author: Garry Richardson
Publisher: Forty South Publishing

From Baird Maritime

For the non-Tasmanians among our readers, Georges Bay is on the north-east coast of Australia’s island state. It provides the harbour for the town of St Helens.

Until roads and motor vehicles came into wider use in the 1950s, the practical way to reach St Helens was by ship or boat. So, for a century and a quarter, there was considerable maritime traffic into and out of Georges Bay. Because of a rather tricky sand bar across its entrance, the size of vessels accessing the port was rather restricted.

The author has undertaken vast research in compiling this detailed and very valuable record of the vessels that were engaged in the Georges Bay trade. Not only does he list and describe the vessels themselves, he also describes the shipbuilding process. While some of the vessels were built overseas, mainly in the United Kingdom, most were built in Australia, particularly in Tasmania. Some, even, in St Helens.

None of those shipbuilders have survived so this book provides an exceptionally valuable record of early shipbuilding in Australia. While Tasmanian shipbuilding is now globally renowned thanks to the likes of Incat and RDM, it is not widely known that the state long hosted a flourishing industry building globe girdling whalers, coastal cargo vessels and fishing boats.

Richardson brings to life a wide range of vessel types and sizes that were constructed or acquired to serve his home town. His is a labour of love and a very valuable one It is well presented and extensively and well illustrated.

Ordering information:

Forty South Publishing
Hobart, Australia


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