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Re-Inventing The Ship: Science, Technology and the Maritime World, 1800-1918
Tuesday, 12 January 2016 14:02


Edited by Don Leggett and Richard Dunn
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing

From Baird Maritime

Given the rapid changes in technology, doctrine and strategy that are currently affecting modern navies and the politicians who direct them, this fascinating little book provides a welcome return to reality through history.

Based on a series of ten high quality papers delivered at a History of Science conference at Oxford in 2008, they have been edited and re-ordered so as to present a largely “united front” on this increasingly important subject. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, the authors, who are a good mix of academic and naval, have produced a thought-provoking result.

Their focus, as the sub-title makes clear, is on the dramatic developments in naval technology, culture and doctrine that took place during the nineteenth century. They also cite similar developments in commercial shipping and its crossover to naval operations in shipbuilding and organisation. We can still learn a lot from the “longest” century.

A very useful aide memoire for anyone engaged in the maritime world in both the commercial and naval arenas whether they are at a senior level or aspiring to get there.

Ordering information:

Ashgate Publishing
Farnham, UK


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