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Keeping The Ships At Sea: Ship Repair at Cockatoo Island 1857-1991
Thursday, 24 September 2015 17:56


Author: John Jeremy
Publisher: The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

From Baird Maritime

A sister volume to Jeremy’s The Island Shipyard, this details in his very thorough way the other important activities of the shipyard about which he knows so much. He was its CEO for the final decade of its existence.

Like many shipyards, particularly naval ones, Sydney’s Cockatoo Island undertook considerable amounts of repair and refit work – some of it very complex. While the naval work, obviously, had priority the shipyard continued to undertake substantial amounts of commercial work simultaneously.

The author has access to an extensive file of excellent photographs of ships both at sea and alongside or in the dockyard. These are enhanced by a good cross section of very clear general arrangement drawings of many of the ships mentioned. There is also a comprehensive list of all the vessels dealt with by the yard.

It is interesting to learn more about some of the industrial disputes that were to plague the yard over the years. Jeremy, thankfully, has not tried to hide such unpleasant details.

A very comprehensive and detailed history of an important Australian naval and maritime institution.

Ordering information:

The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust
Sydney, Australia


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