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The Indian Ocean and US Grand Strategy: Ensuring Access And Promoting Security
Tuesday, 05 January 2016 17:49


Edited by Peter Dombrowski and Andrew C. Winner
Publisher: Georgetown University Press

From Baird Maritime

Except for the extreme north-west corner of it, which featured briefly in the Iraq and piracy wars of the last twelve years, the Indian Ocean has largely been ignored militarily since 1945. Even then, Indian Ocean operations were generally regarded as a side-show compared with the “real” actions that took place in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

More recently, however, naval intellectuals – and such people do exist – have begun to focus more intently on this important and populous region. Some excellent studies have been published and this is one of them. This one, obviously, has been written from an American perspective.

Comprising ten very thoughtful essays produced by a variety of military officers, academics and policy makers, it provides a good cross section of current American thought on the subject.

It is good to learn that at least some American leaders and thinkers are aware of the importance of the Indian Ocean region and that they are working out what their country’s strategy should be with respect to it. This book gives a very good insight into what and how they are thinking. It also provides yet another illustration of the great value to the world of the US Naval War College.

Ordering information:

Georgetown University Press
Washington DC, USA


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