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Wisdom And War: The Royal Naval College Greenwich 1873-1998
Tuesday, 24 November 2015 16:23


Author: Harry Dickinson
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing

From Baird Maritime

For 125 years the Royal Naval College at Greenwich was the post -graduate technical university for officers of Britain’s Royal Navy. In its last few decades it played a major part in the development of Britain’s nuclear navy.

The author, an historian, is a former lecturer at the college. He knows it well and has been well able to put its importance into perspective. While he doesn’t mention it, it seems sad that a once such grand and important institution should now mainly house a Community College – whatever that is – and a second-rate university. Britannia no longer rules the waves and defence cuts have had to be made. How sad.

He describes its architectural, social and educational histories well. They are all both illustrious and fascinating. Greenwich is a very special place with a wonderful atmosphere. Those officers, from sub-lieutenants to admirals, who studied there were very fortunate indeed.

A first rate history of a fabled institution.

Ordering information:

Ashgate Publishing
Farnham, UK.


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