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Women And English Piracy 1540-1720: Partners and Victims of Crime
Thursday, 20 August 2015 16:14


Author: John C. Appleby
Publisher: Boydell Press

From Baird Maritime

This is the third book on this subject that has crossed the desk of your reviewer over the years. He cannot really understand the fascination with it. Perhaps it is an attempt to show that feminism is not really a new concept.

Whatever, it is apparent from this and the other books that piracy had its attractions as an occupation for certain women in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Some, probably unsurprisingly, turned out to be quite good at it.

Although written by an historian, this book takes a somewhat sociological view of the subject as the book’s sub-title makes clear. Judging from his bibliography he has read and researched widely and acquired a good feeling for his subject.

It seems that many pirates were married or in long term relationships which usually meant that their activities became family businesses. Many women, obviously, became involved because of poverty and others, perhaps, for adventure.

This is a wide-ranging book culturally, geographically, racially, historically and, of course, in terms of criminology. It’s a very interesting subject that the author brings to life very effectively.

Ordering information:

Boydell Press
Woodbridge, UK.

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