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Energy Security 2.0: How Energy is Central to the Changing Global Balance in the New Age of Geography
Thursday, 13 August 2015 16:00


Authors: Gregory Copley, Andrew Pickford, Yossef Bodansky and David Archibald
Publisher: The International Strategic Studies Association

From Baird Maritime

A very brief (165 pages) book by a four man Australian/American crew of thinkers who are concerned at the widespread complacency that exists as to national and global energy security.

Taking an historical approach, they consider civilisations that have failed due to the destruction of their energy, water supply or transport infrastructures. Putting the declines of Angkor Wat and Rome, for example, into a contemporary context, makes for sober thought. Much of the world is very dependent upon its energy transportation infrastructure to the point of being dangerously so in the event of major war.

Focusing on recent natural disasters in New Zealand and Japan, the authors highlight the energy and, particularly, electricity, vulnerabilities of a large number of nations. That is, of course, why submarines have become the weapons platforms du jour of so many developing nations’ navies.

Electricity, is, as the authors make very plain, the throat that any enemy will first target to strangle the economy of any developing or developed country victim. All of us should be more vigilant as to that vital fact.

Ordering information:

The International Strategic Studies Association
Alexandria, USA


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