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Early History Of The Cheyne Beach Whaling Company
Tuesday, 10 November 2015 15:54


Author: Mary Birss
Publisher: Advertiser Print

From Baird Maritime

Whaling was once a very significant global industry. It is important, therefore, that its economic and social as well as its environmental history be faithfully recorded before it is thoroughly demonised by those with an inclination to be “thought policemen”.

This little book has been written in almost note form on a “warts and all” basis so it certainly seems to be a faithful record of the quarter century life span of the Cheyne Beach Whaling Company. It is enhanced by a good selection of photographs.

Cheyne Beach was one the small handful of whale catching companies that operated around Australia until 1978 when they were finally forced out of business on environmental rather than economic grounds. It should always be remembered that from 1945 the Australian whaling industry was closely regulated by the Australian Whaling Commission. It was most certainly not some kind of reckless pillaging operation.

Anyway, as the author explains, Australian whaling, has now become a useful tourist industry. There are now undoubtedly more whale- watching boats operating around the coast than there ever were whalers. Even the Cheyne Beach whaling museum has become a viable business on its own.

Ordering information:

Advertiser Print
165 York Street,
Albany, Western Australia, 6330

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