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Beneath The Surface: Tales of a sailing Marine Biologist
Thursday, 05 November 2015 15:40


Author: Michael King
Publisher: Zeus Publications

From Baird Maritime

Here is a marine biologist who, perhaps unusually, actually went to sea. He  loves the sea and boats and has cruised extensively, world-wide. Among his other skills is boat-building.

Before he became a marine biologist and, ultimately, a lecturer on the subject, he worked as a commercial artist in advertising. The reader benefits from the skills he attained there thanks to the excellent illustrations he has included in his delightfully whimsical book.

His career took the author to many parts of the Pacific and beyond. He worked as a researcher and a teacher and eventually gained his doctorate.

However, wanderlust and yachts appear to have been his chief motivators. They ensured he had an interesting life which is well described here.

Ordering information:

Zeus Publications
Burleigh MDC


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