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The Twilight Of The East India Company: The Evolution of Anglo-Asian Commerce and Politics 1790-1860
Tuesday, 06 October 2015 17:18


Author: Anthony Webster
Publisher: Boydell Press

From Baird Maritime

While modern commercial discussion centres on the great multi-national companies of our time such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, GE, GM, Toyota, Volkswagen, Maersk, Shell and Exxon, there flourished two hundred years ago a relatively much greater company than all of them. That was the British East India Company.

The BEIC didn’t just dominate its domain commercially, it was just as dominant both militarily and politically. The Company operated in turbulent times and turbulent places, mainly England, India, China, Malaya and the east Indies (Now Indonesia). Its world was changing rapidly. Democracy was developing rapidly in England and anti-colonialism in India. The Chinese resented the opium trade and industrialisation was fast changing the social face of Britain and western Europe.

Finally, there were economic depressions in Britain and India in 1833 and 1848 that did enormous damage to businesses in both places. They were later capped by the Indian Mutiny of 1857 that did for the company. The old order changed but, for almost another century British foreign investment grew substantially.

A fascinating business history replete with larger than life characters who make Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Sergey Brin and their ilk look puny.

Ordering information:

Boydell Press
Woodbridge, UK


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