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New aquaculture zone policy proposed for South Australia
Thursday, 14 May 2015 10:53

Public feedback is being sought on a new aquaculture zone policy proposed for Franklin Harbor on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

The proposed Franklin Harbor policy comprises of an aquaculture zone consolidating existing aquaculture activities, primarily oyster farming, covering an area of approximately 2,947 hectares.

The policy also includes an aquaculture exclusion zone in an area of approximately 5,417 hectares where aquaculture development will be prohibited.

The exclusion zone also includes buffers around the Cowell township, the Franklin Harbor Conservation Park and along the coastline. It also covers the declared sanctuary zone area within the Franklin Harbor Marine Park.

Copies of the draft policy, policy report and feedback form are available at

A two month consultation period is now underway, with submissions to close on June 23.

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