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21st Century Sims: Innovation, Education and Leadership for the Modern Era
Tuesday, 28 July 2015 10:52


Edited by Benjamin F. Armstrong
Publisher: The Naval Institute Press

From Baird Maritime

William S. Sims was arguably the American equivalent of Britain’s Admiral “Jacky” Fisher. His role was vital in preparing the US Navy for World War I. His influence flowed on to World War II.

Although he has been somewhat overlooked, thanks to the shining brilliance of some of America’s World War II admirals, he had a leading role in their education. He was heavily involved in the conception and development of America’s submarine and aircraft carrier fleets that proved to be vital in the Pacific.

This valuable book, importantly, puts Sims’ work as a naval intellectual and educator into perspective. There is no doubt that his education, experience and erudition all contributed enormously to America’s stunning success in World War II, particularly in the Pacific.

This is an excellent collection of Admiral Sims’ writings that has been effectively edited and annotated by lieutenant-commander Armstrong. He has cleverly and relevantly linked them to the naval situation pertaining in the twenty-first century.

Ordering information:

The Naval Institute Press
Annapolis, USA


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