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Super Highway: Sea Power in the 21st Century
Wednesday, 15 July 2015 00:00
Author: Chris Parry
Publisher: Elliott & Thompson

From Baird Maritime

The author is a retired Rear Admiral RN who also happens to have read Modern History at Oxford. In other words, a member of that small but invaluable band of seamen intellectuals.

This combination of experience and talent comes to the fore in this very comprehensive and thought provoking book. A simple, clear explanation of where current navies have come from; where they are; and, where they will need to go is the guts of it.

Admiral Parry has taken a truly global view and provides succinct word pictures of all major and most minor contemporary navies. That shows us where we are. The important part, though, is where he thinks we should be heading.

Obviously, as he explains, “Sea blindness” is a near universal problem but his suggested solutions to it are sensible and achievable. This book is of considerable value to anyone.

Ordering information:

Elliott & Thompson
London, UK

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