Russia to develop aquaculture near Arctic Circle
Friday, 07 November 2014 18:17

Russia will develop coastal aquaculture industries in the Murmansk Oblast – an area of the Polar Region where numerous valuable species of fish can be grown and harvested.

Announced by the Governor of Murmansk Oblast, Marina Kovtun, the project is a core part of an attempt by the Russian government to replace the net fish imports from Baltic countries, as well as Scandinavian countries such as Norway.

The project falls within a larger food import substitution program of the government, which is projected to cost approximately US$3.0 billion over three-to-four years.

Governor Kovtun said the coastal areas of the northern part of the country were the “perfect place” for growing high-value species such as salmon, trout, and scomber, and would be especially important during the country’s current trade sanctions.

Speaking at a special meeting of Russian authorities and local businesses, Governor Kovtun said the sanctions would initially aid the fledgling aquaculture and fish-processing industries, with coastal cities such as Murmansk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Vladivostok key focus cities for the initiative.

With the aid of state support, aquaculture production is hoped to double by 2020, with up to 250,000 tonnes projected to be produced per year.

Vladislav Vorotnikov

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