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Work Boat World

Launched in 1983, WORK BOAT WORLD quickly became and remains the world's best selling publication serving the global small ship market.

Covering all kinds of commercial and government non-cargo carrying vessels, its monthly issues provide incomparable coverage of news and views pertaining to working vessels of all kinds, shapes and sizes. These include:- tugs, ferries, fishing boats, patrol boats, pilot boats, aquaculture boats, rescue boats, offshore service vessels, tourist vessels, naval vessels, oil spill recovery craft, dredgers, oil rigs and all types of general and multi-purpose workboats.

The breadth and depth of its coverage is staggering and its content fascinating. Truly global, WORK BOAT WORLD covers all the world's most active centres of workboat activity, as well as vast numbers of small, out-of-the-way places where interesting things happen.

A number of new columns by world-leading experts have been added to WORK BOAT WORLD recently. This, combined with new features, have made the magazine even more interesting and useful. 

WORK BOAT WORLD is aimed squarely at work boat owners and operators. It doesn't pretend to be anything else. Consequently, it is widely read, indeed devoured, by the vast majority of the major players in this increasingly global industry. Interestingly, a high proportion of those readers keep, file and frequently refer to their back copies of the magazine.

Since 2003, Baird Publications, the publisher of WORK BOAT WORLD, has been developing its very extensive BAIRD MARITIME website ( This considerably enhances the utility of the magazine.

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