LPG ship catches fire off Phuket
Thursday, 11 October 2012 14:49

A fire broke out on a vessel carrying LPG tanks moored in Taphao Yai Bay, Thailand, about two kilometres from the Phuket deep-sea port. 

The fire aboard the 80 metre-long 'Kanthicha' was later put out by firefighting launches, with damages estimated at 20 million baht (USD650,000).

On Sunday morning at approximately 0830, a marine launch under the command of Pol Lt-Col Panya Chaichana on patrol duty in Taphao Yai Bay spotted the ship with a crewman on board waving for help. He was later identified as Panurat Rakchon, 34, of Samut Prakan province.

Mr Panurat was quickly rescued from the vessel. He said the fire broke out in the radio room on the second deck of the ship.

Firefighting launches from Tambon Wichit Municipality and the Phuket deep-sea port were rushed to the scene and were able to put out the fire in about two hours.

Mr Panurat said the 600 million baht (USD19.5 million) vessel had been moored in the bay for about two months to sell the LPG.

According to Lt Col Prasert, when the fire broke out, all the LPG had been sold and the two main tanks were empty. 

“It did, however, have 5,000 liters of ‘fuel oil’ and 200 liters of diesel on board,” said Lt Col Prasert.

Furthermore, Mr Panurat was the only person still on the ship after three other crewmen had gone ashore in the morning.

Image Source: Phuket Gazette

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