Work Boat World magazine returns
Wednesday, 07 March 2012 09:41

Baird Publications has announced the revival of its magazine WORK BOAT WORLD  as of this month, replacing its BAIRD MARITIME title.

WORK BOAT WORLD ran for almost 30 years before July 2011, when it was incorporated into BAIRD MARITIME. The magazine's return will see a resumption of the tighter focus of WORK BOAT WORLD, which covers every type of workboat in operation around the globe, rather than the broader scope of BAIRD MARITIME, which also covered the world of shipping.

“We may be slow learners here but after eight months we have finally learnt that this magazine was more popular as WORK BOAT WORLD than in its more comprehensive guise as BAIRD MARITIME,” says Baird Publications founder Neil Baird. “So, as of this March 2012 issue, we revert to the old name and format. Both readers and advertisers have made it very clear to us that, on reflection, they much preferred the more focussed work boat magazine.

“This has been interesting to learn. Obviously, before we made the initial change in July last year, we canvassed the opinions of both our advertisers and readers quite widely. Anyway. The customer is always right so we will follow your wishes. We actually liked WORK BOAT WORLD better in any case.

“We are sorry for disappointing our readers for the past eight issues and trust that they will appreciate our narrower focus. Meanwhile, we will not neglect the growing numbers of largo cargo ship people. Our increasingly popular website will continue to cover the whole wider maritime world better than ever. A number of new features will be added to it throughout the year. Now that we seem to have put the more damaging of our well known hacking attacks behind us, we are ready to move onward.

“Thank you to our readers for sticking with us. Their continuing support is, as always, much appreciated!”

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